by Owen S. Good

Online play in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is moderated, and players who cheat, disconnect or even engage in unsportsmanlike conduct face sanctions. However, it appears a glitch is causing some users to be automatically banned for doing nothing wrong.

According to EventHubs, users who select Peach in the online “For the Glory” mode have been slapped with erroneous one-day bans. The theory, via Japan’s massive 2ch forums, is that using her down+B attack (a move that pulls a turnip from the ground) early in the first round makes the game think the player has illegally brought an equipped item into the match.

That’s only a theory, though. EventHubs notes that Link also has a down+B attack that pulls out a bomb, but no one using him has gotten kicked.

It’s a day-long ban — 1,440 minutes. Super Smash Bros. on 3DS launched in Japan on Friday, and comes to North America on Oct. 3rd.

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