by Dave Scarborough

The Silent Hills teaser is packed with mysteries that fans are still having trouble wrapping their petrified little heads around, but at least there’s one enigma that has been cleared up.

Speaking about the game during a Japanese language Konami video (while also scaring the crap out of several people volunteering to play the demo), Hideo Kojima went on to shed light on the meaning behind 7780s – the name of the fake developer originally thought to be making the game.

It turns out that 7780 translates into a postcode, the location of which is the Shizuoka region of Japan. The name roughly translates as Quiet Hills and the region’s name has become a nickname for Silent Hill in its native country. Add an ‘s’ on the end and you have Silent Hills.

We’re sure there’s plenty more secrets tucked away in the P.T. demo. In fact, we’re still not entirely sure the correct sequence of events in the final puzzle. Nevertheless, Silent Hills has quickly become the most talked about game in the world right now.


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