by Alex Schmitz

Guerrilla Games’ new IP codenamed Horizon concepts were leaked yesterday on a Chinese site. The game will have robotic dinos and a redheaded female protagonist.

New details on the IP have been revealed by well known industry insider Shinobi. He says that the game will be absolutely gorgeous and will have varied locations.

He says that there will also be a dedicated single player component and co-op.

“There’s a dedicated single player. Gorgeous landscapes, snowy tundras, jungles, vast savannahs, open world comparable to the Witcher. Cool weapons, villages and towns to encounter, “tribal” societies,” he revealed.

He also said that the game may get an E3 reveal but this leak may change Sony’s plans.

“The plan is an E3 reveal. I’m not sure if this leak will force their hand sooner or not though,” he added.


The game sounds really promising and is said to be an action RPG. Whether Guerrilla Games can pull it off or not remains to be seen. Take this as a rumor for now but Shinobi is usually very trustworthy.

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