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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (PS4) Receives Massive Patch Update

by L.W. Barker The PS4 version of ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’ has received a 2.3GB patch that addressed many bugs and issues found in the game’s single-player campaign. This patch fixes a known bug where if a player had over 100 friends on their Friends List, the game would fail to connect to  Ubisoft’s servers. In addition, the patch also corrects numurous instances of crashing and freezes, while also tweaking in-game combat balance and in-game rewards that previously would not appear. It should also be noted that this single player patch arrives arrives before the greatly anticipated Title Update 4 multiplayer patch which is scheduled for February 11, 2014.

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Titanfall Coming To PlayStation 4?

by L.W. Barker A Sony Computer Entertainment Brand Manager who wished to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons), has confirmed that the Xbox One exclusive game, ‘Titanfall’ will eventually come to the PS4 platform. The Sony Executive recently tweeted, “Wait Another Year Or So”, “Got A Good Feeling It’ll Come To PS4.” Now if true, this is fantastic news for gamers who want to see ‘Titanfall’ on PS4.

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Hideo Kojima Tweets Monolith Counting Down to PS4 Launch in Japan, And A Huge PS4 Box

by L.W. Barker Hideo Kojima is excited about the impending launch of the PS4 in Japan, and he shared a couple of pictures showcasing Sony’s offices in Ginza, Tokyo, with a booth close to the entrance of the building and a giant billboard on the front side publicizing the new “Play & Peace” campaign with its motto “Uniting the world with play.” The pictures also showcases a monolith counting down to the PS4’s launch (which is only 20 days away), along with demo units and a giant PS4 box. Check them out below.

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Outlast Arrives This Week for PS4

by L.W. Barker Outlast is a game which is known for its frightening scenarios of wandering in an abandoned asylum they desperately try to escape. Now fans who have played the game on PC and who would also like to play Red Barrel Games’ horror game on PS4 will not have to wait much longer. According the PlayStation Blogcast, Outlast will be arriving on PSN this week on February 4th in North American and February 5th in Europe.

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Leaked List of Games Available for Sony’s ‘PlayStation Now Beta’ Service

L.W. Barker With the beta version of Sony’s ‘PlayStation Now’ service in full swing, a list of games that are currently available for the service has been leaked to the Industry. First Party: â—ľKillzone 3 â—ľPuppeteer â—ľShadow of the Colossus Third Party: â—ľPapo & Yo â—ľDarksiders II â—ľMX vs. ATV: Alive â—ľDisgaea 4 â—ľNinja Gaiden 3 â—ľShatter Now even though this list is rather random, it does make us hopeful for a diverse line-up of games that will no doubt be made available for the service when it launches later this year.

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Kojima Productions Testing Metal Gear Solid V With Sony’s Head Mounted Display; Shows Box Prototypes

by L.W. Barker Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Director Hideo Kojima has revealed that the game is being tested with Sony’s HMZ T-3 Head Mounted Display which also featured a few photos of Snake’s Japanese voice actor Akio Otsuka trying it out. In one of the photos, Otsuka-san mimics the “Kept you waitin’ huh?” pose Snake does during the […]

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Xbox 360 Emulation Is Coming Along Well, Says Dev Team

by L.W. Barker PCs may be running old (and new) Xbox 360 games sooner than the Xbox One. The lead developer on the Xbox 360 xenia project, (who wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons) has recently made some promising comments about emulating the seventh generation console from Microsoft. Per him “Author here. Yeah, the readme is meant to scare off people. Even with it I still get people on IRC or email asking me if they can play game X or where they can get a copy. The note about no downloads is for all those who download 360 emulators from shady YouTube links and such – there’s a surprising number of fakes packed with malware and viruses floating […]

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Deep Down’s Development, PS4 Street Fighter and Panta Rhei Next Gen Engine Discussed by Capcom

by L.W. Barker Capcom’s producer duo Yoshinori Ono and Tomoaki Ayano provided some interesting information about the upcoming PS4 exclusive Deep Down, its engine Pantha Rhei and even the possibility of a chapter of the Street Fighter franchise on PS4, as reported by Bahamut’s Crazy Arcade. Ono-san explained that with the release of PS4 and the increase of the number of platforms available, the […]