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New Tech Lets You ‘Feel’ Holograms Like STAR TREK’s Holodeck

by Matthew Hart, Nerdist In what is undoubtedly another step toward an IRL Star Trek holodeck researchers at the University of Glasgow in Scotland have developed holograms people can “feel” with their hands. The interactive holograms are quite basic at this point, but the proof of concept is certainly there. And, incredibly (dare we say magically?!), the system relies ultimately on illusions and air. Design Taxi picked up on the new, tangible holograms, which the research team recently described in a paper published in the journal Advanced Intelligent Systems. Professor of Electronics and Nanoengineering Ravinder Dahiya led the team that aimed to pair holograms with “aerohaptics.” That is, the process of creating feelings of touch with jets of air. To create the interactive holograms the researchers […]

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PS5 Out of Stock? This man just got one From a packet of Doritos

by Md Armughanuddin, Spieltimes One of the things that has remained constant coming in 2021 is the scarcity of PlayStation 5 stocks. In spite of Sony reassuring people that it is ramping up the production to meet the demand, millions of fans across the world are struggling to get their hands on the much-coveted console. Amidst all that, one guy got a PlayStation 5 from a packet of Doritos. Yes, you heard that right. Twitter user DOWNS CHICKEN tweeted earlier today that he won a PlayStation 5 from a packet of Doritos. The user received the console today and posted a picture of the same. For those who are unaware, Doritos was running a promotion and giving out a limited number of […]