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KFC has created a console that’s more powerful than the PS5 and has a built-in ‘chicken chamber’ to keep your meal warm

by Kate Duffy, Business Insider Fast-food chain KFC has created a new high-end gaming console that comes with a built-in “chicken chamber” to keep your chicken warm while you play. KFC has teamed up with CoolerMaster to create the “KFConsole,” the chicken chain said in a statement on Tuesday. It is essentially a high-end gaming PC with components made by Intel, Asus, and Seagate. It’s a powerful machine: KFC claims it can run games at 4K resolution at 240 frames per second – more than the PlayStation 5 or Xbox One can manage. It can also run virtual reality games, KFC said. The bucket-like console has a cooling system that transfers the heat produced by the components to the chicken […]

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Cyberpunk 2077 Getting Massive Patch On December 21st

Reportedly, an internal GameStop memo claims that CD Projekt RED aims to launch a “major” patch for Cyberpunk 2077 on December 21. by Brianna Reeves, Screen Rant Since the chaos surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 refunds has yet to subside, GameStop reportedly issued a memo to staff, claiming CD Projekt RED will roll out a “major” patch for the RPG on December 21st. This particular fiasco started earlier in the week, following a statement from the studio wherein it promised refunds to players who wanted one. Trouble arose, however, when some PlayStation and Xbox users found themselves unable to secure a refund from the platform holders. Said chaos spurred on yet another response from CD Projekt RED executives, who clarified that the company hadn’t been in […]

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First ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ update includes a fix for epilepsy triggers

by Richard Lawler, Engadget Cyberpunk 2077 has only been available for a couple of days, but its first post-launch patch is already rolling out. Hotfix 1.04 is already available to PC and PlayStation players, and CD Projekt Red says it should go out “as soon as possible” on Xbox platforms. There’s a long list of tweaks for various mission-based issues that could otherwise interrupt your gameplay, and there’s nothing specifically mentioned about the rogue penis problem, but the most important adjustment is probably to the game’s “bytedance” segments. As highlighted by Game Informer reviewer Liana Ruppert, it included a sequence of flashing lights that could trigger epileptic seizures. CDPR said it would address that, and in the notes says that now “The effect has been smoothed out and […]

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Beware: PS4 Update Reportedly Causing PlayStation Gamers Problems

by Tyler Fischer, Today, PlayStation released a new PS4 update that is reportedly causing PlayStation gamers issues, or at least this is what’s happening at the moment of writing this. The big new 8.0 update adds a plethora of new features and comes with a slew of improvements as well, but it also appears to have broken some features. More specifically, it’s being reported that upon downloading the update, users are experiencing problems with their friends lists, the party feature, and even just general stability issues. As you may know, this isn’t incredibly uncommon for PS4. In the past, the console has experienced similar issues when it’s pushed updates, particularly ones of this magnitude. That said, in the past, Sony has acted fairly quickly to […]

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GameStop Announces Multi-Year Partnership with Microsoft

GameStop and Microsoft announce a new, multi-year strategic partnership just one month ahead of the Xbox Series X console launch. by Dalton Cooper, Game Rant Just one month prior to the launch of the Xbox Series X console, GameStop has announced a new multi-year partnership with Microsoft. The new partnership between GameStop and Microsoft is seen as a strategic move for both companies, as they will combine their resources for mutual benefit. The GameStop/Microsoft partnership will see GameStop stores integrate Microsoft technology. GameStop stores will begin utilizing Microsoft’s cloud-based data storage and business applications. This will assist store associates when it comes to learning customer preferences and will give them “real time information on product availability.” GameStop associates will soon […]

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Microsoft buys Fallout creator Bethesda for $7.5bn

by BBC Xbox-owner Microsoft has acquired the games company behind blockbuster titles including Doom, Fallout, Skyrim and Wolfenstein. It is paying $7.5bn (ÂŁ5.85bn) for Bethesda’s parent ZeniMax Media. Xbox has said that the publisher’s franchises would be added to its Game Pass subscription package for consoles and PCs. This could help make the forthcoming Xbox Series X more attractive than the PlayStation 5 to some players. Both machines are due to launch in November. Game Pass already gives players access to more than 200 games. Microsoft includes first-party titles at point of launch to those signed up to its “ultimate” package without further cost. By contrast, Sony has opted to charge players up to ÂŁ70 for its own major releases […]

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Live PlayStation 5 photos reveal a truly giant console

A filing has shown Sony’s PS5 in live photos for the first time, and it’s particularly large — you’ll need to make room for the game console. by Jon Fingas, Engadget Sony’s PlayStation 5 hasn’t really appeared in live photos, making it difficult to gauge the size of the console. However, the game console has finally made a real-world appearance in a filing at Taiwan’s NCC (via The Verge) — and it’s clear the PS5 isn’t meant for small cabinets. While Sony hasn’t been shy about mentioning the PS5’s 15.4-inch length (or height), 10.2-inch depth and 4.1-inch thickness, the NCC’s photos put those dimensions into context. You’ll have to make room for this beast, whether you’re buying the Digital Edition or the disc-based model. […]

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Xbox Digital Direct replaces long redemption codes with a single click

You don’t need a 25-character code to access bundled games and DLC. by Ann Smajstrla via Engadget A new Xbox feature makes it easier to claim games that come with the console, doing away with the 25-digit codes that were required before. Digital Direct, pointed out by Polygon, embeds games and other DLC directly to the console that you can redeem during […]

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‘The Last of Us Part II’ will be released on June 19th

‘Ghost of Tsushima’ is moving back a few weeks to mid-July. by Kris Holt via Engadget The Last of Us Part II, fingers crossed, will at long last make its way to PS4 on June 19th. Sony and Naughty Dog had originally planned a February 21st release date, but they pushed the sequel back to May 29th. Earlier this month, they delayed the game indefinitely to […]

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Freebie alert: Amazon is giving away 5 video games (worth over $100) to all Prime members

by Rudie Obias via Yahoo Life Shopping Video games are a fantastic way to pass the time, but they’re pricey. If you want to start playing without paying, we’ve got great news: The live-streaming service Twitch is dropping games that are free for Amazon Prime members. Not a Prime member? Amazon offers a 30-day free trial for new users—sign up here. After the trial is over, you […]

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Google says it’s achieved quantum supremacy

by Rachel England via Engadget Google is standing by its claim that it’s achieved quantum supremacy — marking a major milestone in computing research. The company first made the claim back in September, and while disputed by competitors, Google’s research paper has now been published in the scientific journal Nature. Quantum supremacy is a big deal, because it encapsulates the ability of quantum computers to […]

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Jumanji: The Video Game Announced For PS4, Xbox One, PC And Nintendo Switch

by Mike Sousa via Gaming Union Publisher Outright Games and developer Funsolve, in collaboration with Sony Pictures, today announced Jumanji: The Video Game, the officially licensed game set in the world of the massively successful Jumanji film franchise. Jumanji: The Video Game puts you in control of Jumanji’s greatest heroes as they seek to find the precious Jewels of Jumanji, […]

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Coming To PS4, Xbox One, PC And Nintendo Switch

by Mike Sousa via Gaming Union Saber Interactive today announced Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered, an HD re-release of the acclaimed action-adventure game featuring the original cast of Columbia Pictures’ classic films. Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered delivers a unique story from Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis that captures the supernatural comedic fun and fright fans love from the franchise, […]

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Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions Price Hikes Are Coming Next Month

by Juilian Benson via LAD Bible Microsoft has emailed Xbox Live Gold members to say that from May 8 the price of a subscription is going to increase by more than 15%. 12-month subscriptions will increase from ÂŁ39.99 to ÂŁ49.99, three-month subscriptions will go from ÂŁ14.99 to ÂŁ17.99, and monthly prices will rise from ÂŁ5.99 to ÂŁ6.99. Six-month subscriptions will […]