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Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date, Evolving Map Leaks Backed Up By Insiders

Reliable sources back up the latest Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks, hinting at the long-awaited game’s release date and its evolving Vice City map. by Dalton Cooper, Game Rant Tom Henderson has made a name for himself as being a reliable leaker when it comes to Battlefield and Call of Duty games, but recently he leaked information on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 as well. According to Henderson, Grand Theft Auto 6 will be set in Vice City, the release date won’t be until sometime in 2024 or 2025, and it will have an “evolving map.” While these kinds of claims should always be taken with a grain of salt, they have since been backed up by more legitimate sources. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier recently chimed in on […]

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Xbox Acquisitions Are Bearing Fruit, And Sony Should Be Worried

The future is going to be very bright for Xbox. by Jade King, The Gamer I can’t blame anyone saying that Xbox doesn’t have any games right now. In terms of killer apps to sell the Series X and S. However, it feels like Microsoft has outgrown this basic definition of what it means for a platform to ‘have games’ in the traditional sense. It doesn’t care about the console wars anymore, and neither should you – since attaching your self-worth to a brand is a bit sad. If you’re a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass, it has loads of games, perhaps too many, and this number is only set to grow larger in the coming months and years. While at the time […]

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EA Is Pulling Some Classics From GOG, And One Will Be Totally Delisted

by Zack Zwiezen, Kotaku Some classic PC games, including the fantastic and historically important Ultima Underworld series, are being removed from GOG on June 28. The games are on sale for next to nothing ahead of their removal. Yesterday, a member of the GOG team posted a notice that on Monday, June 28 at 1 p.m. UTC Ultima Underworld 1+2, Syndicate Plus, and Syndicate Wars would be delisted. For folks who already own the games, they will still appear in your digital library. However, after that date, it will no longer be possible to purchase the titles on GOG. Once Monday arrives it will only be legally possible to buy these games on EA’s own Origin store. However, Syndicate Wars in particular doesn’t currently seem to be available on Origin […]

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Halo Infinite Release Date Narrowed Down To ‘A Few Weeks,’ Phil Spencer Says

by Ian Walker, Kotaku Although a firm Halo Infinite release date has yet to be set, internal talks at Microsoft surrounding when to launch the game have narrowed from the months-long holiday 2021 release window to a handful of weeks, Xbox head Phil Spencer explained during a recent appearance on the Dropped Frames podcast. “We’ll have better clarity over the summer, but this isn’t a months thing, this is just down to a few weeks,” Spencer said. “Instead of picking this day and having to move it by a week, which at this point would feel like a fail, we don’t want to do that, so let’s wait until we’re really solid on what the date is.” Spencer also said that Microsoft is looking […]

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CoD 2021 Geared for Next-Gen Consoles

By Peter “Synister” Jeffery, Gamer’s Outpost LLC The ever-popular Call of Duty series has remained a staple pick for those looking to show off their quick reflexes and eagle-eyed aim. Whether you enjoy futuristic firefights or prefer the boots-on-the-ground approach, Call of Duty has delivered numerous experiences over the years. From the brutal battlefields of WWII to present-day conflicts, the series has continually visited and revisited numerous theatres of war with each new entry. With the next title on the horizon, let’s run through everything we know about CoD 2021. As of writing, we don’t have an official release date set for Call of Duty 2021. However, that hasn’t stopped us from making an educated guess. By following similar CoD […]

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FIFA 21 & Battlefield’s Frostbite Engine Source Code Stolen In EA Hack

EA shares it has been targeted in a massive hack stealing 780 GB of data, including the source codes for FIFA 21 and the Frostbite engine. by Cade Onder, Screen Rant Major game publisher EA has fallen victim to a substantial hack, losing 780 GB of valuable data ranging from FIFA 21‘s source code to tools and the source code for the Frostbite engine, which is used for major internal games like Battlefield. This is far from the only hack of this nature to happen in recent memory, but it is an incredibly noteworthy one given the breadth of data breached. Thankfully, though, EA says that no personal user data was compromised in the hack. This comes off the back of Wednesday’s Battlefield 2042 reveal, which […]

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Xbox Will Be Built Into TVs, Xbox-Branded Streaming Devices Announced

Microsoft has high hopes for Xbox Game Pass and growing it into the future. by Eddie Makuch, GameSpot Xbox Game Pass has been one of Microsoft’s biggest success stories this generation, and the company is not slowing down. Microsoft on Thursday announced major plans to grow and evolve the service over time, while it also released new statistics that speak to its popularity. Microsoft is working with TV manufacturers around the world to “embed the Xbox experience directly into” internet-connected TVs. The idea is you’ll be able to play Xbox games with no additional hardware, except for a controller. This is a very big deal because it opens up a potentially much larger audience for Xbox: people who don’t want […]

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Blizzard has canceled BlizzCon 2021

by Igor Bonifacic, Engadget BlizzCon won’t return in 2021. Blizzard said on Wednesday the ongoing realities of the coronavirus pandemic make it too difficult to pull off the type of convention fans have come to expect from the studio. “Building an in-person BlizzCon is an epic and complex affair that takes many months of preparation… and ultimately we’re now past the point where we’d be able to develop the kind of event we’d want to create for you in November,” BlizzCon Executive Producer Saralyn Smith said. Instead, Blizzard plans to host a “global event” sometime early next year that will include both online and in-person elements. To make up for the cancelation of BlizzCon 2020, Blizzard hosted BlizzConline this past February. The online-only […]

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The Witcher 3 director leaves CD Projekt Red after workplace bullying investigation

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz was cleared by the investigation but still resigned, apologizing “for all the bad blood” he caused. by Wes Fenlon, PC Gamer Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, who served as director of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and as second director and head of production on Cyberpunk 2077, has left CD Projekt Red. Bloomberg reports that Tomaszkiewicz was the subject of a lengthy internal investigation based on accusations of bullying. While a commission formed for the investigation found him not guilty, Tomaszkiewicz still chose to resign from his job. Tomaszkiewicz wrote in an email to CD Projekt Red’s staff that despite being cleared, “a lot of people are feeling fear, stress, or discomfort when working with me.” He left with an apology “for all the bad […]

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Sony to integrate Discord chat into PlayStation

by Nicole Lee, Engadget PlayStation users could soon have another way of communicating with each other. Sony recently announced that it was partnering with Discord and that it will be integrating the service into the PlayStation Network early next year.  “Our goal is to bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on console and mobile starting early next year, allowing friends, groups, and communities to hang out, have fun, and communicate more easily while playing games together,” said CEO and President Jim Ryan.  We’re not sure yet how this integration will look like. Presumably this means that there’ll be some kind of Discord chat interface that’ll let you interact with your friends on PSN either through voice or text, though it’s […]

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Cyberpunk 2077 Has Now Spent Over Four Months Missing from PS Store

Unprecedented event by Sammy Barker, Push Square Cyberpunk 2077’s big March update was supposed to be the one that fixed the title’s major performance issues, but while it does undoubtedly crash less and run better – even on a PlayStation 4 Pro – it’s still nowhere near the standard expected of a major AAA title. And as a result, it still remains unavailable on the PlayStation Store – more than four months since Sony made the unprecedented decision to remove it. Polish developer CD Projekt RED recently said that the sci-fi RPG is “closer” to returning to the storefront, but still hasn’t attached a date to exactly when it expects it to be available. “The final decision, you have to understand, belongs to Sony,” boss […]

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Xbox Series X just beat PS5 to this killer AMD graphics upgrade

Xbox game developers can now offer boosted visuals thanks to AMD’s FidelityFX software. by Tom Pritchard, Tom’s Guide The Xbox Series X just got a healthy graphics update. It’s all thanks to AMD’s ‘FidelityFX’ technology, which has just been added to the Series X and Xbox Series S’ Game Development Kits (via VideoCardz). Not only does this mean the next-gen Xbox consoles can now get similar graphics boosts as AMD-powered PCs, it gives the Xbox Series X a major boost over the PS5. FidelityFX is a piece of AI-powered software that is able to offer a number of adaptive graphics enhancements for developers to include in their games. That includes variable shading, image sharpening, ambient occlusion, screen space reflections and more.  The point being that the visuals […]

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Your next Windows PC could be in the cloud

by Jon Fingas, Android Authority You might not have to buy a whole new computer to get an up-to-date Windows experience in the future. ZDNet sources say Microsoft is planning to launch a Cloud PC service in June or early July that would offer a remote Windows 10 desktop and software like Office. Nicknamed Project Deschutes, Microsoft’s Cloud PC initiative would give you a secure, always-updated Windows experience for a flat per-person fee. The company already has a vaguely similar offering in the form of Windows Virtual Desktop, but you pay for that based on Azure data consumption — not very practical for most people. A 2020 leak hinted Microsoft might offer different Cloud PC plans based on the processing power, RAM, […]

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Here’s What Percent Of ‘Destiny 2’ Players Are Hunters, Titans Or Warlocks

by Paul Tassi, Forbes In case you haven’t heard the blaring trumpets surrounding the launch of the event, Guardian Games is live in Destiny 2 at reset today, the class-based competition where this time, Bungie is actually forcing you to commit to one class and one class only for the duration. Most people do this already, as juggling three classes and characters is a full time job (trust me, I know), but no more playing the field for people like me. It’s time to pick a main. I thought it would be relevant to revisit the breakdown of the player population in Destiny by class. It has been about a year since we got official numbers from Bungie, but I would […]

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PS5 Doesn’t Like It When You Put an Extra NVMe SSD Inside

It won’t even boot by Sammy Barker, Push Square Sony has said that it will unlock access to the PlayStation 5’s M.2 slot later this summer, as it allows players to upgrade their console’s system storage with an additional NVMe SSD. But what happens if you try to install one right now? According to Digital Foundry, who tested out the feature, your console won’t even boot with a stray SSD inside it. This obviously makes sense, as the system doesn’t officially support the feature just yet – but we’re a little surprised by the lengths PlayStation’s gone to stop it from being used. For now, you’ll have to make do with an external hard drive – although it’s worth noting that you can now offload PS5 software onto a […]

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Terminator Resistance Harkens Back To When The Franchise Ruled

by Zack Zwiezen, Kotaku Terminator: Resistance is another Terminator game, and those have been mostly awful. But I was surprised to find that this hidden gem isn’t a boring Call of Duty clone as the screenshots implied, but actually a remake of the classic Terminator shooters Bethesda developed back in the 90s. And it made Terminators scary again, something I didn’t think was possible. There have been a lot of bad Terminator games, and a lot of bad Terminator films! That’s why I never paid much attention to 2019’s Terminator: Resistance, along with its bland name and ho-hum screenshots on Steam. But after it came out I saw people praising it, comparing it to some classic Terminator games, and even enjoying it. So for Backlog […]