by Joy Alexis Barker

Video games and anime go together like bread and butter. Some of these games have been so monumental on Pop culture and gaming history that animation studios have picked them up to adapt into tv series that made waves. Maybe you came to know a game by watching the anime first, or was it the other way around?


Clannad begun as a visual novel developed by Key and released in 2004 for windows, targeting all ages, it follows the life of Tomoya Okazaki from adolescence into adulthood. This set the stage for future anime series to grace the eyes of fans old and new. The first season ran from 2007 to 2008, while a second season with the subtitle, After Story, continued from 2008 to 2009.


You can think of Kanon as the older sister of Clannad, because they are related. Kanon started out as a visual novel in 1999, developed by Key, for windows, and targeted at adults. The story follows the life of Yuichi Aizawa, a high schooler who returns to a city he last visited seven years prior, and one where he has little recollection of the events from back then. As he meets several girls, he regains his memories. This was turned into an anime series of the same name in the early to mid 2000’s.

Princess Lover

With a series that aired in the same era as Clannad, which already had its second season, Princess Lover originated in 2008 as an eroge, and a visual novel, developed by Ricotta. The anime is about Arima Teppei, who lost his parents in a traffic accident, and is adopted by his grandfather and raised to be the successor to the head of Arima Group Corporation.


As the others in this list, SHUFFLE! was first a visual novel in 2004 by Navel, before it got an anime adaption. It is a harem surrounding characters all named after flowers in some way.

Looking ahead, I see no end in sight for video games that are made into anime, and vice versa. Thus, like the space ranger, Buzz Lightyear’s iconic catchphrase, this trend will continue “to infinity and beyond!”.

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