by Joy Alexis Barker

Are you a passionate gamer who longs to raise your children to be relentless gamers as well? Are you on the fence about what your baby’s name should be? Do you love video games so much that you want to name your children after some characters? As long as it’s realistic of course, because not all names work, such as Diddy Kong or Bowser, but a good deal do!

Whether that someone is you, or a loved one, this list is sure to stir up some creative excitement and get you to start thinking of names based on your favorite video game characters you could call your baby, or perhaps recommend to a friend, or family member who are into games and are pregnant.

1. Pac (inspired by Pac Man)

For a boy, Pac sounds like a rambunctious, adventurous name, as well as endearing. It is short, straightforward, and alternative.

2. Peach (inspired by Princess Peach)

For a girl, Peach is a sweet, youthful name that is literally derived from the fruit of the same name, and referred to a popular Super Mario character who runs the mushroom kingdom of toadstool people. If you’re not a fan of peaches or of the character, maybe skip this, but if you absolutely love them, feel free to consider this!

3. Crash (inspired by Crash Bandicoot)

For a boy, Crash is a wild, and rebellious, but it’s a rebellious in-a-good-way name! It is dramatic and action packed.

4. Lara (inspired by Lara Croft)

For a girl, Lara is a vibrant name meaning cheerful, as well as protection.

5. Mario (inspired by Mario)

For a boy, Mario is a quirky and manly name that will surely help your son to embrace his masculine energy!

6. Ellie (inspired by Ellie from The Last Of Us)

For a girl, Ellie sounds like a vintage but strong name, and not only does it mean noble, but it also means light.

7. Sonic (inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog)

For a boy, Sonic sounds like a sporty, fast witted, and tough name.

8. Zelda (inspired by Princess Zelda)

For a girl, Zelda sounds like a whimsical and elegant name, and means gray fighting maid. Ooh, it is also victorious!

9. Kirby (inspired by Kirby)

For both boys and girls, Kirby sounds like a cute, and bubbly name.

10. Samus (inspired by Samus Aran)

For a girl, Samus sounds like an edgy, warrior-like name that means someone who supersedes. How hopeful!

You probably won’t want to use or share any of these names listed here today, or maybe you will like all of these ideas, but these are tangible examples that translate well into real life for real people from fictional video game worlds and their characters.

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