By Joy Alexis Barker

The new year is two weeks away, so now is the ideal time to recap some of the best games of 2022.

Now 2022 has been peculiar for video games; hardware shortages, delays, and other logistical matters relating to the Covid 19 pandemic have plagued the industry. And as a result, there were fewer radical releases than we’re used to enjoying, and many releases fell short of expectations. On the flip side, I prefer to think of 2022 as the year in which we all realized that the greatest games didn’t come from the biggest studios.

It’s not easy for people to find the time to play every substantial game released in a year, and we all know it’s also not easy for most people to find the money to do the same. But on the positive side, this waning year shows that the time and money we spend on gaming sometimes deserves to go to something different other than our favorite franchises.

So for me, in this slow year, it’s easy to identify the top games of 2022, assembled in list form and not ranked in any order of preference.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land


March 25th brought us a brand new Kirby game; Kirby And The Forgotten Land plays like every prior Kirby title. And that’s a good thing! Gamers control Kirby as he explores different levels, sucks up enemies to gain their powers, and collects adorable collectibles. The main game loop is unchanged and stays as fun as ever while also weaving in some fun new additions (such as the ability to upgrade enemy powers and unlock new attacks and utility skills.

Released on January 28th, Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a breath of fresh air of a game that should serve as the blueprint for the developer’s next big project. Throwing out Poké Balls from the safety of a blind spot (or smokescreen) is as fun as it is satisfying.

Neon White


Neon White, released on June 16th,  is a parkour-driven, card-based action game that initially seemed unruly and like an impossible concept to pull off successfully. Still, developer Angel Matrix proved the naysayers and doubters wrong by delivering one of the best action titles in recent memory. Neon White will get your adrenaline trickling, but the myriads of stylistic flourishes and creative concepts will continue astounding you and fuel that ever-present desire to go for one more run. Neon White is a genuinely bold action game that is befitting all gamers.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga


A timeless, highly acclaimed series based on a popular toy known by multiple generations, it’s LEGO! Released on April 5th, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is an assortment of treats for everyone, with its odd, silly humor, to tons of collectibles that explore even the most secret corners of Star Wars lore. It could be the most ambitious LEGO game yet!



Stray was supposed to be released last year but was delayed to 2022 and finally made available on July 19th. But it was worth the extended wait! As the name suggests, the story follows a heartwarming stray cat who falls into a city populated by robots, machines, and mutant bacteria and sets out to return to the surface with the help of a drone. Stray is a fantastic game that lived up to the hype.

When it comes to mentioning the ‘best’ games of the year, it’s one of those subjective topics that can vary from individual to individual, so there isn’t only one solid answer. Maybe, you disagree with my choices; perhaps a game of your choice wasn’t on my list—but that is okay. We all have our own opinion on which games we believe have been groundbreaking while looking to 2023 with enthusiasm because our industry has plenty of games in store.

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