by Joy Alexis Barker

1. Papa Louie Games

Papa Louie Games, created by Flash game development company, Flipline Studios, is a restaurant-based, time management game series that has been around since the mid-2000. Each game revolves around some food, the first ever release being ‘Papa’s Pizzeria”, where you make burgers, and the latest release being Papa’s Cluckeria, involving chicken sandwiches.
The characters are exciting and memorable, and there are holidays (including Thanksgiving), original recipes, well-developed backstories, and the location’s history.

Papa Louie Games; Image credit: Flipline Studios

I have found that the games get more complex throughout the lineup, with numerous new additions and features. I think these are good games to be revved up about this Thursday, and to play one, you can go to There are apps with To Go versions available to buy, which you can also find on the website.

  1. Pac-Man
Pac-Man; Image credit: Bandia Namco

Everyone’s favorite classic, Pac-Man, follows a round, yellow man who has an insatiable appetite as he avoids running into any ghosts who are on his tail. He wants to eat all the pieces of food in peace and make it to the end without interruptions.
The game is a challenging classic enjoyed by multiple generations of family. You can easily find this on Xbox one in the store and play from there, and also, you can search google on any computer for ‘PAC MAN Doodle’ and play that way.

3. The Sims 4: Seasons

We all know what the Sims is, but if anyone here wants a summary, the Sims is a life simulation game series, with the current generation being the fourth. There is an expansion pack that introduces all four seasons of the year and weather to the base game, helping it feel much more realistic.

The Sims 4: Seasons; Image credit: Electronic Arts (EA)

When you first start the game after buying and installing the seasons’ pack, you can select the fall season and then play through Harvestfest, the Sims equivalent to Thanksgiving, which follows Spookfest, the sims spin on Halloween.

If you don’t want to wait for Harvest fest, you can select the calendar, delete pre-made holidays and recreate them on the soonest day possible. You get to choose your traditions and save them from repeating them automatically every year. You can also select the shortest season length, which is seven days. You can have your Sims celebrate their form of Thanksgiving by having them eat grand meals at the table, dressing up in their cold-weather clothes, decorating the house, and staying home from work and school. The Sims 4 is compatible with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac, and Microsoft Windows.

  1. Mario Party

Mario Party is a multiplayer, party video game series featuring the iconic Mario characters: Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Yoshi primarily, as well as others. Food-related mini-games, such as ‘Dash And Dine’ and ‘Strawberry Shortfuse,’ occur throughout these games.

Mario Party; Image credit: Nintendo

Overall, the theme is festive and suitable for holidays like Thanksgiving. The latest game in the series is Superstars, which is for the Nintendo Switch.

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