by Joy Alexis Barker

The gaming industry and gamers alike are in for the year’s busiest, most exciting month!

There’s a load of highly anticipated games for everyone to look forward to, some of which will finally be unveiled one by one, while others in multiples on the same day. Many shoppers will buy these as Christmas gifts, or just for themselves, this month.

Today, EA/Maxis’ The Sims 4’s Pastel Pop Kit was leaked along with screenshots that showcase never-before-seen content. There’s also an update that includes bug fixes for the base game and also for expansions such as High School Years and Werewolves. And just in case any simmers are wondering, improved babies won’t be coming until sometime in 2023 on a date that is yet to be announced.

The second interesting release is Harvestella, best described to be the love child between the married farming simulation games like Harvest Moon, and imaginative role playing games like Final Fantasy, is set to be available for PC and Switch when it launches on the November 4th.

Moving on to two games that peak my interest, Skull and Bones, and the open-world Sonic Frontiers, the latter coming to all platforms on the November 8th.

Unfortunately the former and highly anticipated Skull And Bones from Ubisoft has been pushed into 2023 for a March 9th release.

Skull and Bones; Image credit: Ubisoft

However, both of these games find themselves in somewhat of the same boat, as it’s clear from the reactions online that fans are skeptical of both of them. So it will definitely be interesting to see if these games defy expectations or if they end up being disappointments.

Garfield Lasagna Party, featuring multi generations of fans’ favorite chubby, orange, greedy, food scarfing cat, who they grew up with, as well as other notable characters, is coming November 15th.

The beloved and rambunctious Goat Simulator was so successful, it has a third sequel that will introduce four player cooperative mod. Goat Simulator 3 will break out into the world on November 17th for Windows PC, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PlayStation 5.

Nintendo fans will devour the next generation of Pokémon, known as Scarlet and Violet, on the November 18th.

And finally, Just Dance: 2023 Edition is bopping onto the floor to take it over on November 22nd.

These are only some of the overarching popular titles mentioned, and there’s more that wasn’t in this article, for the sake of sparing your time, but keep your eyes peeled passionate gamers for new games this month!

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