The Sims 5; Image credit: EA/Maxis

by Joy Alexis Barker

Earlier this month, Publisher, EA, and developer Maxis, revealed Project Renee, also known as The Sims 5, during the highly anticipated The Sims Summit Stream where devoted simmers old and new got a glimpse at the sneak peek. It was a monumental event in Sims history, marking the beginning of another era that will no doubt surpass The Sims 4’s.

It’s impressive indeed to see what’s been developed so far, and at this point, I’m absolutely certain that the final product a few years from now will far exceed the early previewed stages.

According to the Maxis team, the name ‘Renee’ represents their renewed dedication to and passion for The Sims, and that’s beautiful and heartening to hear because it seems like they’ll be taking this seriously. The developers will most certainly be putting their all into Sims 5’s design, with anticipated expansions to complete the game.

The Sims/Project Rene; Image credit: EA/Maxis

The Sims 5 will also outshine The Sims 4, as it should, in terms of graphics and gameplay so we will most definitely be taking a steps forward with its improvements, additions, and overall progression in the series.

Hopefully, there will also be less bugs and patches needed for The Sims 5, and it’s a lot more user-friendly for players. Thus to prevent this, Maxis knows not to rush it so the game is created efficiently in as much time as it requires to turn out a high quality product.

Now, there are numerous features I want to see in The Sims 5, some of which have already been confirmed, but others are still obscure.

The Sims 5; Image credit: EA/Maxis

I do think there are things that should already be in the base game; The open world; all life stages; maybe even additional stages like an infant stage after the newborn stage and before the toddler stage, and a tween stage which is the stage between the child and teen stages; more practical objects to buy; the color and design wheel in both create a sim and build buy mode; inclusion of different ethnicities and cultures; height adjustments; more personality traits; more venue types; the choose to play either solo or multiplayer; auto save; weather; seasons; townies that have their own lives going on without the player’s involvement, and I could go on all day.

I look forward to the next generation Sims game. It’s exciting to know that at this very moment as I type this, Sims 5 is in development. But for now, I will keep enjoying The Sims 4 which isn’t over yet and even after it has been replaced by the Sims 5, I won’t be abandoning it.

Today, people still play the Sims 3, 2, and even 1, although these are not the latest games in the series, and that’s because they bring good feelings of nostalgia, and they are timeless classics that have built the backbone of The Sims saga as a whole. Without these games, there wouldn’t even be a Sims 5 being developed, so our ongoing appreciation for these earlier games remains strong.

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