by Ben Gilbert, Business Insider

A new version of the PlayStation 5 just launched, but it’s hardly distinguishable from the version that arrived in November 2020.

The new PlayStation 5 model was first spotted in Australia by Press Start and later seen in other territories as well.

What makes the new model different from the original model? It mostly boils down to a single screw:

Image credit: Sony

That’s the flathead screw that attaches the console’s base, which keeps the console standing upright.

Since the PlayStation 5 launched late last year, anyone who’s been lucky enough to get one has had to use a screwdriver every time they wanted to attach or disconnect the base from the console.

Like this:

Image credit: Sony

Frankly, it’s kind of a hassle, and Sony made the situation somewhat easier with the remodel it just quietly released.

Rather than having to use a screwdriver, the new console uses a screw that can be attached with your bare hand. It still features an indent for a screwdriver if you choose to use one, but it can otherwise be tightened without getting out tools (Eurogamer got photos of the screw up close if you’d like to see it in action).

Beyond the change in the screw, the new model appears to be slightly lighter than the launch model – by a bit over half a pound. It’s unclear what changes account for the weight difference, and Sony has yet to say. Representatives didn’t respond to a request for comment as of publishing.

The new model PS5 has only been spotted in Australia and the UK thus far, but it’s likely to become the default model sold all over the world in the near future.

Of course, for most people, Sony releasing a new model of the PlayStation 5 doesn’t solve the core issue: It’s still nearly impossible to buy the highly sought after game console. Sony has told analysts directly that it expects the console to be hard to find until at least some point in 2022.

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