Destiny 2, BUNGIE

by Paul Tassi, Forbes

In case you haven’t heard the blaring trumpets surrounding the launch of the event, Guardian Games is live in Destiny 2 at reset today, the class-based competition where this time, Bungie is actually forcing you to commit to one class and one class only for the duration.

Most people do this already, as juggling three classes and characters is a full time job (trust me, I know), but no more playing the field for people like me. It’s time to pick a main.

I thought it would be relevant to revisit the breakdown of the player population in Destiny by class. It has been about a year since we got official numbers from Bungie, but I would be surprised if they shifted too much, even after the arrival of Stasis. So, by last count we have:

  • 38% Hunters
  • 31% Titans
  • 31% Warlocks

Hunters have been the favorite class in Destiny since D1, and I would mostly credit either A) their awesome cloaks or B) their much more logical double and triple jump, which is easier to get a handle on than the Titan jet pack and Warlock…floof.

As such, this has created some drama in Guardian Games. Last year, Hunters were given a penalty because of their population size in order to try to make things “fair.” And yet that didn’t exactly go super well as then Titans dominated the games, winning almost every single day and eventually, the entire thing.

Destiny 2, BUNGIE

Now, things are different. There is no more weighting by class population size. Rather, last place gets a 10% bonus to points going forward, and Bungie thinks this should make things more equitable, even if Hunters are leading at first because of their population size alone. So expect that to happen the first couple of days here.

This version of the games has caused me to face the fact that yes, I suppose I am a Warlock main after all. I have really even playing time split between all three classes. Hunter and Warlock are almost exactly tied with Titan lagging a little behind, but not by much. I’ve never really gotten much into class rivalries and yet, when there’s a new quest launching, who do I go with? Warlock. And most of my Hunter time is likely due to using it for PvP, more often than not. So yes, I will be repping the floof squad this event alongside Joe Blackburn, DMG, Deej, Lance Reddick, Byf, Teawrex, Fallout, Gigz and whatever other known Warlock mains I’m forgetting (Joe and DMG were forced to play Warlock via fan vote, heh).

I don’t know, I thought it was going to be hopeless for Warlocks this time around, but I am seeing some momentum in the floof community. So we’ll see what happens. Opening ceremonies are later today.

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