It won’t even boot

by Sammy Barker, Push Square

Sony has said that it will unlock access to the PlayStation 5’s M.2 slot later this summer, as it allows players to upgrade their console’s system storage with an additional NVMe SSD. But what happens if you try to install one right now? According to Digital Foundry, who tested out the feature, your console won’t even boot with a stray SSD inside it.

This obviously makes sense, as the system doesn’t officially support the feature just yet – but we’re a little surprised by the lengths PlayStation’s gone to stop it from being used. For now, you’ll have to make do with an external hard drive – although it’s worth noting that you can now offload PS5 software onto a USB HDD for safe storage.

While it’s positive news that you’ll soon be able to significantly increase your PS5’s storage space, it’s worth noting that the drives expected to be supported are seriously expensive. Currently, the platform holder’s yet to announce which SSD drives will be compatible with the console, but we’re sure we’ll get more news on that front in the near future.

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