by Bill Cooney, Dexterto

A new Apex Legends leak apparently shows Respawn testing out a Titanfall 2 weapon in-game before it eventually makes its way to live servers.

Apex is technically a sort of sequel to the Titanfall games, and not just because both are made by Respawn Entertainment. They also take place in the same universe, with the battle royale picking up a few years after the end of TF2.

Now the FPS is coming back with Season 9 content already being confirmed by devs, and on April 9, a new image from Apex leaker Biast12 apparently shows Titanfall 2’s EPG weapon already being tested.

The EPG-1 or “Energy Propelled Grenade” works somewhat like a mix of a grenade launcher and a rocket launcher, with projectiles having a very low, but definitely observable drop.

In Titanfall 2, it was a one-hit kill on basically any non-mech character if you got the shot close enough, and also did very heavy damage in its blast radius as well.

The energy weapon will probably be getting nerfed and balanced for its arrival to Apex, at least we hope so, as the EPG shown in the leaked image has a five round magazine — which would definitely be overkill if it could still just one-shot you.

Biast added that the the testing for the EPG was still “kinda early stage,” hence the reused asset from Titanfall 2 in the screenshot, which we hope Respawn thinks about keeping in, if for nothing more than a bit of nostalgia.

When will the EPG arrive? That’s an easy one, as we already know a ton of Titanfall content will be arriving after Season 8. So, next question, when is Season 9 starting? Well, considering the Season 8 Battle Pass is scheduled to end on May 3, it will probably get going shortly after that.

The EPG might just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Titanfall content in Season 9, with more leaks on an all-but-confirmed upcoming character named Blisk, who might arrive with a big surprise of his own.

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