by Tyler Fischer,

Terry Marshall, the voice actor behind Grand Theft Auto IV character “Real Badman,” died on November 1. At the moment of publishing, details are scarce. This includes not only the cause of death, but basic information like Marshall’s age. As for the news itself, it comes way of both Marshall’s brother and Rockstar Games. According to the former, Marshall has “departed this physical reality and traded it in for some other dimension.”

As noted, further details are currently scarce. In fact, these are where the details, about both Marshall and his death, end. Marshall’s brother notes the voice actor lived in New York City, but that’s the only other additional detail divulged in the announcement.

“My brother has departed this physical reality and traded it in for some other dimension,” writes Marshall’s brother on both Instagram and Twitter.

Marshall’s death occurred on November 1, but it’s only now that many are hearing about it after Rockstar Games officially addressed the tragedy via its official Twitter account. As you may know, Marshall played Grand Theft Auto IV character Real Badman, also known as Teafore Maxwell-Davies. In the game, Badman is the leader of the posse Yardies.

Of course, when and if more details are provided on both Marshall’s life and death, we will be sure to update the story. In the meanwhile, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to Marshall’s family and friends during this incredibly tragic and difficult time.

Rest in peace, Terry.

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