Shayene “shAy” Victorio has been convicted of fraud, but is fighting the charges, and likely won’t spend life in prison.

by  James O’Connor via GameSpot

A former Counter-Strike professional player has been hit with a huge sentence after a conviction of fraud. Universo Online is reporting (via translations from Business Insider) that Shayene “shAy” Victorio has been sentenced to 116 years in prison, after allegations of fraud were made towards an online store that she helped operate between 2013 and 2017.

Victorio, who parlayed her success at professional Counter-Strike (Global Offensive and 1.6) into a large online following, is accused of operating a storefront that did not deliver on its sales to customers, with more than 100 customers left without items paid for or a refund.

Despite the sentencing, Brazil puts a 30 year limit on prison time for its citizens. Victorio is also appealing the case, stating that her former business partners on the site are to blame, including her ex-husband.

In a statement on her Instagram page (in Portuguese, below), Victorio clarifies that, as she is currently in an appeals process, she has not been arrested yet. She will only be taken into custody if the appeal fails, but her lawyer told Universo Online that they consider the sentence “inhumane,” and that they seek a new decision from the court “under the guise of the principle of innocence.”

As of last year, Victorio had left the world of professional Counter-Strike to focus on her work as a social media influencer. The details of the store she is said to have operated are not provided, and it’s not known how long the appeals process will take.

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