From the PlayStation Europe Twitter account. Credit: Sony

by Dave Thier via Forbes

Because who doesn’t like a good teaser? PlayStation Europe has a perfectly cryptic message up on its Twitter account that appears to be teasing some sort of announcement ahead of Gamescom. It says only “we’re gearing up for the reveal of something new,” with a gif of red cloth sitting over some unnamed object. Sony didn’t announce a Gamescom press conference, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t bringing some kind of surprise, possibly to offer something to take attention away from Microsoft’s Xbox One X. The company’s North American accounts didn’t echo the tease, so whatever it is may only apply to Europe.

Beyond this, we have absolutely nothing to go on, but that’s never stopped us from wild speculation before. The red cloth could seem to indicate a physical object, and for some reason, the commentariat of the broader gaming community have jumped on the idea of a portable. This is almost certainly not going to happen: Sony hopefully learned its lesson with the Vita, and woe be to the company that challenges either the 3DS or the Switch. A much more reasonable assumption would be some kind of Knack-only console that promises to enshrine the wonder that is Knackfor future generations— a Knackstation if you will. Support for Knack 2 is unannounced at this time.

If I had to take an actual guess, I’d say this this is some sort of special edition PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro, some of which have been region-specific before. Sony isn’t doing any sort of presentation at Gamescom, so it’d be a pretty unusual move to come out with some kind of large-scale reveal without any warning. Not impossible, mind you, just unusual. Sony is having a press conference at Paris Games Week in October, so if it has something bigger for the Holiday season that might be a more reasonable time to unveil it. But who knows? We’ll find out soon, it would seem.

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