by Erik Kain

Paul Tassi is wrong. Again.

While he makes a compelling case for Destiny 2 on PS4, and while he’s certainly right to ditch the Xbox One, he’s still settling for second best. (Honestly, I’m surprised he didn’t jump the Xbox One ship sooner given the myriad reasons to play the original Destiny on PS4.)

Having played the game on both PS4 and PC, I can honestly say I prefer the latter in just about every single way imaginable. I’m excited to fire up the Blizzard App and see Destiny 2 side-by-side with Overwatch and Diablo III. 

Yes, the PC version of the game might be delayed. We don’t have a firm release date for the port just yet. It could come out the same day as PS4 and Xbox One (September 8th) or it could come out days, weeks or even months later.

That’s the only reason I can see playing on PS4, though, and even then only temporarily for the sake of our jobs as critics. Extra PS4 content is not a good enough reason to confine yourself to a gamepad when mouse and keyboard are so obviously superior in every way, at least for first-person shooters.

I think it’s a real shame that there’s any sort of exclusivity deal at all, to be honest. I’ve gone on at length before about how this is a mistake, and these kinds of deals are bad for games and gamers, but an extra strike and some extra crucible content out early for PS4 is just not enough for me to accept a subpar gamepad over mouse and keyboard.

I’ll likely play the game on PS4, too, right up until the PC version lands. In fact, if the PC version is released only shortly after the PS4 version I may skip consoles altogether. These games are an enormous time investment, and I’m not sure how much time I want to put into a character if I’m just going to jump ship for PC down the road.

So that’s my take. PC is the best place to play just about anything, and that includes Destiny 2.

All of this hinges on Bungie being able to control cheating on PC, of course. If cheating becomes a serious problem, I may have to eat my hat and go back to console. I hope that’s not the case, however. I don’t want filthy, no-good, rotten cheaters ruining the experience for the rest of us.

P.S. I forgot to mention the frame-rate difference. I meant to but I forgot. On PC gamers can expect 60 fps or higher, whereas consoles are locked at 30 fps. This makes a huge difference especially in an action shooter. There’s simply no comparison.

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