“The President has set forth a reckless and misinformed path regarding our foreign creators and storytellers.”


by Eddie Makuch via GameSpot

Immediately after President Trump announced his controversial travel policy last month, the high-profile video game group, the Entertainment Software Association, released a statement that spoke about how it could adversely affect the US gaming industry. Now, the ESA’s CEO, Michael Gallagher, has released a new, more thorough statement that doesn’t hold back in its criticism.

“The President has set forth a reckless and misinformed path regarding our foreign creators and storytellers, and ESA joined with industry leaders to demand a better approach to security concerns,” he said. “We will be vigilant in the months ahead to guide policies that grow our medium and collaborate with you to repel misguided efforts that dim our frontiers.”

In the ESA’s original statement, the group, which organizes E3 every year and represents the video game industry’s interests in Washington, said the US video game market relies on immigrant talent.

“While recognizing that enhancing national security and protecting our country’s citizens are critical goals, our companies rely on the skilled talent of U.S. citizens, foreign nationals, and immigrants alike,” the statement said. “Our nation’s actions and words should support their participation in the American economy.”

In the new statement today, Gallagher said the ESA will focus on a number of objectives in the future, including educating “key figures” in Washington, DC and around the country about issues such as immigration, trade, cybersecurity, and more. “ESA will champion the innovators, creators, and consumers who make up the video game ecosystem,” Gallagher said. “We are here on behalf of each of you to defend against misguided and harmful attacks as well as supporting and advocating for elements that contribute to the continued positive growth of this great community.”

The ESA also said it will connect with lawmakers to help them understand video games better; one part of this will be the expansion of the GovGames Twitch channel. This is a video streaming site that in the past year featured members of Congress playing video games. Additionally, the ESA said it will lend a hand in the creation of a new Congressional caucus “focused exclusively on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.”

Also in Gallagher’s statement, he said the ESA hopes to involve more gamers in the political process. Already, 1.7 million people have joined the Video Game Voters Network and the ESA is hopeful that it can work with these people on “important issues.”

“Ours is a great industry filled with finest creative talent in the world, and ESA is proud to advance our collective interests at every turn and in every forum,” Gallagher said. “All of us at ESA consider it a privilege to be the voice and advocate for the most creative, innovative, and engaging of all industries and communities.”

You can read Gallagher’s full statement here.

ESA members include some of the biggest companies in gaming, including Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Take-Two, Warner Bros., Ubisoft, and Bethesda.

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