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Microsoft is really moving full steam ahead with its collection of backwards compatible games, this week adding a whole bunch of new titles to the growing list of last gen games now playable on the Xbox One. The even better news is that one of those games is actually free through the month of December.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new games available:

-Blue Dragon

-Lost Odyssey

-Bully: Scholarship Edition


-Planets Under Attack


-Skydive: Proximity Flight

The team over at Xbox HQ released more than half a dozen new games to the backward compatibility roster this week in two shifts. On Wednesday, Xbox One gamers were treated to the likes of Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. While Blue Dragon will set you back $19.99 for the digital version, Lost Odyssey is actually free of charge through Dec. 31.

In case you’ve got a bell going off in your head concerning those first two titles we mentioned, the answer is yes, both Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were already made a part of the backward compatibility catalog earlier this year. However, due to reasons that still aren’t clear, they were only available for folks who still had the games’ discs. The big change this week is that now everyone can enjoy them digitally, too.

Another collection of games also hit the Xbox One backward compatibility roster this Thursday, according to VG24/7, with the big standout being Bully: Scholarship Edition. It was joined by the fantastic puzzler Catherine, as well as Planets Under Attack, Raskulls and Skydive: Proximity Flight. As the initial report points out, Japanese gamers got an extra game in the form of Clannad.

Bully is one of those fantastic Rockstar games that doesn’t have “Grand Theft Auto” in the title, while Catherine is all about a guy trying to work out the complications of adult life, relationships, fatherhood and the like. To help him get through his issues, you have to jump into his nightmares and solve some rather clever platforming puzzles. As for the rest of the titles, we’re sure someone out there is super happy to see them added to the list, so hooray for more options.

Of course, these are all on top of the BioShock trilogy, which we recently reported as a pretty ahem shocking addition to the backwards compatibility library, considering the fact that they’ve got current gen remakes available, too. Still, who is going to say no to more ways to add BioShock games to your collection?

According to Xbox’s major Nelson, this batch of games will be the last to be released in 2016. The backward compatible team will be taking the rest of the year off and will be back at it after the new year. Let us know in the comments below if you can think of any major holes left in the lineup.

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