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For those of you wondering when Crackdown 3 will be available on Xbox One, we’ve finally got a launch window for you to add to your calendar. Just be aware that said window is kinda wide.

Crackdown 3 has been a long time coming and, based on the most recent reports, it looks like the game could be as far as a year off before anyone gets to play it. Then again, it might be coming sooner than that. And if that seems kind of nebulous, you can blame it on the development team.

Coming to us from NeoGAF via IGN, Crackdown 3 art director Dave Johnson and executive producer Peter Connelly recently spoke briefly about the game’s launch date during a livestream event for Extra Life. When asked when fans would finally be able to enjoy the over-the-top antics of Crackdown 3, the duo claimed that holiday 2017 was looking like a safe bet, adding that it might actually come earlier.

And this wasn’t one of those sly “or earlier” comments followed by a wink that leads one to believe that the game will be here much sooner than the predicted launch window. It was more like a “Hey, we’re gunning for next holiday season but, if things go well, who knows?”

That leads us to believe one of two things. Either the team really doesn’t have a solid idea of when Crackdown 3 will actually be finished or they actually expect the game to be completed sooner but, due to scheduling, might end up holding off on a launch in order to make it a big holiday get for the Xbox One. You’re welcome to discuss in the comments below which scenario seems more likely.

Announced a few years back at E3, Crackdown 3 is the highly anticipated follow-up to the beloved Xbox 360 series wherein players dish out super-powered justice in a bright and colorful city that would feel right at home in a Saturday morning cartoon intended for adults. Think Saints Row, but without all of the crass humor.

Anyway, after radio silence for what felt like far too long, it was announced at the most recent E3 that Crackdown 3, which was expected sometime in 2016, would not actually hit store shelves until 2017. It turns out the team needed more time than we imagined, as it looks like it could be another 12 months before we get our hands on the game. Or not. As stated above, the launch window is pretty-damn-vague at this point.

Since Microsoft Studios stated that the delay was due to not wanting to compromise the original vision for the game, this is the kind of delay we can get behind. With the Xbox Scorpio set to launch around holiday 2017 as well, this certainly seems like a strategic plan on Microsoft’s part to have a big new game ready to roll alongside the 4K console.

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