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A disgruntled customer has come out to expose what GameStop did to him on Cyber Monday. According to the client, the retailer overcharged him and even billed for items that were supposed to be for free.

Just this Thursday, a Reddit user with the handle shadesvo shared on the discussion site his disappointing experience early this week. In a post, the Redditor stated that he initially believed that he found the best online deal for a PS4 on Cyber Monday. Unfortunately, the events that took place after ordering the item were not the things he expected.

Shadesvo ordered a “Uncharted 4” PS4 500GB bundle that was supposed to come with “The Last of Us Remastered” and “Ratchet & Clank” free of charge. However, something was off when he received the bundle. Not only was “Ratchet & Clank” not included in the box, GameStop also charged him for “The Last Of Us Remastered.”

Aside from what he thought was just a simple mistake on GameStop’s end, he found out that the retailer actually charged him more when he checked his bank account. The Reddit user even complained that the charges stipulated in the emailed receipt, the receipt that came with the box and the actual amount that was charged on his bank account did not match.

The fiasco did not end there since he also dealt with the “worst customer service” when he phoned GameStop. In the post, the disgruntled customer revealed that GameStop’s rep refused to refund the amount that was overcharged despite offering to show the latter copies of the receipts. His conversation with the rep lasted for two hours, but it didn’t solve the issue. He said the rep did not even let him talk to the supervisor.

When he did visit the nearest GameStop branch, the manager also refused to refund him and even told him that he would be blacklisted if he asked his bank to charge back. Despite the warning, shadesvo talked to his bank and the problem was sorted out in about 10 minutes.

Fellow Redditors who have stumbled upon his story couldn’t help but comment and ask for more details about  what happened. One wrote: “If you check on line [sic] they’re ratings are unbelievably low. I’m surprised they’re still in business.” Another reader chimed in: “Definitely do a charge back. They deserve it.”

When another Reddit user asked if shadesvo inquired to GameStop why “Ratchet & Clank” was not included in the box, the latter revealed that GameStop had told him that it was being shipped separately. When another questioned why he opted to purchase the bundle from GameStop, he said that it was the best deal he found after doing his “weekend price shopping.”

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