If you ever see a copy of Stadium Events at a yard sale, snatch it up quick.


by Jake Swearingen via Popular Mechanics

For a different generation, it was the story of the baseball card that got away. A rookie Mickey Mantle that got lost during a move. A mint Darryl Strawberry from 1984 that your mom threw away. But in 2016, you may want to think about where all your old NES cartridges are.

Michael McCaskill was at a yard sale in Texas two years ago when he bought a box of 40 NES games for $80. Among those was Stadium Events, one of the rarest Nintendo games ever released in America—only 200 made it to market before Nintendo decided pull the game. It was later released, along with the Power Pad, as Athletic Worlds. 

McCaskill vaguely recognized the game, and after a quick Google realized he had struck gold. “(It’s crazy) to just go to your video game shelf and pick off a piece of plastic with a sticker on it that’s worth $8,000 that you didn’t pay anywhere near that for,” said McCaskill, speaking to his local CBS station. “So you have to constantly pick it up and go, how lucky am I?

After holding on to for two years, he sold it to Alec Featherstone, owner of Freaks and Geeks Video Games in Denton, Texas, for $7,500. Featherstone got the game for a relative bargain—a copy of Stadium Events sold for $31,500 dollars when it went up on auction on eBay in January of last year.

McCaskill says he and his wife will use the money towards buying a home, but they still plan to hit up yard sales. “Can lightning strike twice? I don’t know. I’d like to see it if it does,” said McCaskill. “If I found another one, I’m keeping it.”

If you’re curious, here’s a bit of gameplay footage from the game:

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