by Eric Frederiksen via TechnoBuffalo

Two Rockstar favorites from the PlayStation 2 era, Bully and Manhunt, are now available on PlayStation 4. If you didn’t hear about this, don’t worry; it’s news to all of us.

The two games have been upscaled to 1080p and offer full trophy support. They’re only available on the European store currently, but are expected to follow suit over here before too long.

Bully puts you in the sneakers of Jimmy Hopkins, a teenage delinquent who has to navigate the social structure of his new school with his mind and fists on guard. Manhunt takes pages from Running Man and The Most Dangerous Game. You play as a murderer who will be allowed to go free if you can survive the dangerous city that’s been set up for you, and do it on film.

The releases weren’t hinted at or teased at all, making them truly a surprise. Is this a signal of other Rockstar back catalog titles to come? We certainly hope so. We’d love to see Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas come over, as well as, of course, last gen titles like Red Dead Redemption.

Bully and Manhunt are available now for £11.99/€14.99, and it seems likely that they’ll be priced similarly in the U.S.

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