by Shawn Knight via TechSpot

Sony is reportedly working on a more powerful version of its PlayStation 4 console. Dubbed the PlayStation 4.5, the new device will feature an upgraded GPU to enable 4K resolution gaming while simultaneously offering more oomph for its virtual reality platform according to multiple developer sources as first reported by Kotaku.

The publication said it wasn’t sure whether existing PlayStation 4 owners would be able to upgrade their console with the device or if it’s an entirely new console. What’s more, it’s unclear if PlayStation 4.5 will indeed be the official name of the device or if it’s just a temporary internal codename.

Today’s PlayStation 4 is capable of outputting 4K resolution pictures and videos but doesn’t have the ability to push 4K gaming.

The idea may sound a bit crazy at first but it’s much more plausible than you might think.

Modern hardware is evolving at a rapid pace and with gaming becoming more mainstream than ever and the continued threat from PC gaming, the traditional 7+ year lifecycle of a console seems incredibly unlikely. Just think, seven years ago, BlackBerry was still relevant, Palm was launching its Pre and Nokia put out the N97. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be turning three later this year and compared to PC hardware, they’re already quite dated. Will they last another four years without help?

If the PlayStation 4.5 does arrive as some sort of add-on, it wouldn’t set a precedent.Remember the Sega CD and the 32X? Sure, those devices ultimately failed but one could argue that they were ahead of their time as gaming wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today.

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