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The Star Fox Zero release date is on April 21, and right now, Nintendo has all of its attention focused on the release of Twilight Princess HD on March 4. That’s great for Legend of Zelda… but not so much for Star Fox Zero. In fact, Star Fox Zero isn’t getting quite the attention that it should be getting. Nintendo needs to ramp up the marketing for Star Fox, ASAP. Because the game looks great, and Nintendo just needs to get the word out there.

Star Fox Zero is going to be the first Star Fox game in a very long time—the first since Star Fox Command for the Nintendo DS a gasp-inducing ten years ago. Star Fox Assault, the last console Star Fox, dates all the way back to 2005. It’s truly a series that’s been on the backburner, but Nintendo has revived it at last. And that’s a pretty serious gamble on their part.

Here’s the thing with Star Fox Zero: On the surface, from what we’ve seen so far, it looks a lot like Star Fox 64. And that’s because it’s supposed to: The game deliberately emulates the strongest game in the series. It’s got a similar structure, similar gameplay, even a similar look. But so far, it seems like only us real die-hards are excited about it.

What’s going on? Basically, Nintendo just needs to ramp up the amount of attention it’s paying to Star Fox Zero. After all, Star Fox 64 still has some of the best starship-based fighting of any game ever, and Star Fox Zero promises to finally bring us those experiences again, but modernized. Sure, the graphics aren’t the prettiest. That’s not really the point.

Somehow, a bad narrative has set in about Star Fox Zero. And maybe that’s because Nintendo has been busy promoting other things—Super Mario Maker, Fire Emblem, Twilight Princess HD. But now it’s almost Star Fox’s time, and that narrative is going to change as Nintendo goes wide with its marketing. The company is going to remind us just why we should get excited about the return of Star Fox… the reasons we wanted Nintendo to revive the series for so long in the first place. It can be done, and it will be done when we see the game again.

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