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A long while back, fans speculated that Hideo Kojima had buried a secret inside Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain that was going to be almost impossible to trigger. Now, Konami has confirmed that all the fan theories were true, and the grand “nuclear disarmament” community event is actually for real.

What Kojima wants players to do is work together to disarm the entire Metal Gear Solid 5 multiplayer world from any and all nuclear devices. Nukes are powerful weapons in the game’s FOB mode, so sacrificing them gives up a lot of security for your base. The goal of the secret “event” is to get the number of nukes on each regional server to zero, either through convincing players to voluntarily scrap their own, or sneaking into rival bases and destroying the nukes for players who refuse to give them up.

And yes, it is really, really hard to ensure every single player in the game gives up the one of the game’s best weapons, so much so that it might actually be impossible. But Konami really, really wants players to complete it, hence why they’ve gone public with the secret, and now are posting daily updates about how many nukes are in the wild.

The overall trend shows that the numbers of nukes in the wild are dropping dramatically, especially over the past month:

* By November 1st

– PlayStation 4: 2761

– PlayStation 3: 1685

– Xbox One: 525

– Xbox 360: 1011

– PC(Steam): 36552

* By November 25th

– PlayStation 4: 352

– PlayStation 3: 250

– Xbox One: 96

– Xbox 360: 85

– PC(Steam): 15691

Big drops, right? Unfortunately, I believe that this is happening less because players are suddenly trying to give peace a chance, and more because they’re probably moving on from Metal Gear Solid’s (honestly not great) FOB mode to one of the zillion other huge games that came out in November. As such, it becomes a little easier for active players to invade bases and wipe out nukes when they’re not actually be defended or replenished anymore.


However, Konami has started publishing the totals for nukes every day now, and those numbers have been fluctuating a lot more now that Konami has revealed the secret is for real. Some platforms are down the past few days, while others are now up. Naturally, when something like this is confirmed, you will have die-hards trying to complete it, but you will also have players that don’t care in the least or purposefully try and ruin everyone’s fun by cranking out as many nukes as possible. World Peace trolling, if you will.

The problem with this event, other than the fact that it might be impossible, is that what it unlocks has probably already been discovered for months now. An eight minute-long cutscene that celebrates the end of all nukes has already been extracted from the game via datamining, and you’re free to watch it on YouTube below:

Players think that nothing else will be unlocked besides this cutscene. The hopeful think that somehow an entirely new chapter of the game is hidden away, which could hopefully clear up the game’s ridiculously abrupt ending, but it would seem insane to hide something that important behind a close to impossible task. But this is Hideo Kojima, so who knows.

Kojima clearly is trying to make a point about the nuclear arms race, but it’s not clear on if he’s saying it is possible to all lay down our WMDs, or by making this event so hard to trigger, he’s showing how impossible the idea is.

I think this is a pretty cool secret, but one I’m not sure if the community will ever unlock unless the entire fanbase loses interest in the game entirely and the last few remaining players sneak around to eliminate nukes. Otherwise, some hearts and minds will never be changed, and there will always be one more nuke left to ruin things. But if all it unlocks is a cutscene everyone has been able to watch for months, I’m not sure it’s worth the effort. There’s only one way to find out, though.

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