by Owen S. Good via Polygon

More people are playing Star Wars Battlefront on PlayStation 4 than on Windows PC and Xbox One combined, according to a third-party site that tracks server figures for noteworthy Electronic Arts games.

Over the past 24 hours, Star Wars Battlefront has seen a peak of 188,171 players concurrently online on PS4, says Player Stats Network, compared to 113,696 for Xbox One and 48,292 for Windows PC. The latter two figures combined are still more than 25,000 users short of the PS4 total.

The figures themselves could be attributable to any number of factors other than sales, but with publishers increasingly reluctant to disclose sales figures for anything other than obvious mega hits, it gives at least a partial picture of the relative sizes of a big-name shooter’s constituencies.

Electronic Arts senior executives have, over the past year, targeted 10 million and then 13 million units sold as makeable goals to investors. Those totals are over the lifespan of the release; Star Wars Battlefront launched on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

Player Stats Network says it pulls the statistics from EA’s servers themselves. “We don’t calculate anything ourselves; these are direct numbers for every platform,” it said to NeoGAF. The site has monitored traffic figures for games in the Battlefield and Need For Speed series in the past.

Our review of Star Wars Battlefront is here; we scored it an 8.0 and called it “a game of surprising complexity and anachronistic constraints.” But more than 300,000 players all online in the same hour is its own measure of acclaim, too.

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