by L.W. Barker aka ‘Sarge’

I was watching a movie with my family yesterday evening when I glanced down at my phone to see a post from my Sr. Editor, Reuben Karnagerulz Juarez baring the sad news of Satoru Iwata’s death.

My heart dropped like a rock as I reacted…and so strongly was that reaction that my wife paused the film. I was in anguish and totally saddened by this latest Industry loss. It seems so unfair for someone who was on the verge of realizing his biggest ‘NX’ dreams to just be dead! But then I gathered my thoughts and began to write.

Iwata-san, as he was honorably known, was a giant in our Industry who has left behind foot prints on gaming that will be analyzed, admired, and hopefully copied for as long as there are gamers. He was a man with a vision for Nintendo and even through harsh criticism for the few failures in his tenure as CEO, he remained calm and kept that vision going. And not because he was stubborn, but because he believed in his company’s brand and its unwavering ability to deliver quality products to his fellow gamers. A trait that won him Industry-wide respect and made him legendary within our community.

Now with his death, that vision will not die. The essence of Satoru Iwata lingers in the games he created, the memories we share of him, and even in projects yet unborn. Thank you Iwata-san for a job well done. Your enduring legacy is forever.

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