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A dark and terrible tale swept the forests of the Internet today: a rumor that the Nintendo NX, the upcoming followup to the Wii U, isn’t going to be as powerful as the PS4. Our pals over at Nintendolife reported on the rumor, but they dug it up from a source who generally knows about these sorts of things. And yea, it’s a reliably sourced rumor. But that doesn’t mean it’s actually true.

The rumor about Nintendo’s latest gaming platform (as the company insists on calling it) holds that the system won’t be able to match the PS4, the current strongest system, in core specs, and it comes via a reliable Twitterer who has managed to find out such scoops in the past (including the very recent past). The fellow is promising further details down the line, but that’s all we’ll get for now, although he claims that his sources are ironclad (presumably people within Nintendo, or people who saw the Nintendo NX at E3).

And yea, this Nintendo NX rumor guy seems like he’s well-placed and has broken stories before. But that still doesn’t mean this is true, no more than the rumors about an Android backend for the system were true. It’s just too early to say. Yea, Nintendo NX specs are probably finalized by now, and yea, Nintendo has begun to show the system off to developers. But that doesn’t mean our favorite Japanese publisher is sharing the numbers all over the place, where every Tom, Dick and Twitter Writer can find them.


It’s not so much that there’s a concrete reason to disbelieve the Nintendo NX power rumors. There isn’t. But there’s no concrete reason to believe them either. It’s firmly in the question mark arena. It could be true, but it might not be. Sound specious? Maybe, but everyone on the Internet seemed to believe it, or vehemently reject it, immediately. The proper response is in the middle. Think about it carefully, ask yourself whether it makes sense for Nintendo to release an underpowered follow-up midway through the lifecycle (I’m legitimately not sure), and evaluate the rumor for yourself.

As for whether it’s actually true… it’s really hard to say. I could see Nintendo releasing a system that’s only slightly weaker than the PS4. It’ll have some kind of gimmick to get our attention, as well as a strong launch lineup. The Nintendo NX feels like Nintendo’s push to position itself in between hardware cycles. Wii U came out a year early. Nintendo NX will release midway between thePS4 an Xbox One and whatever comes next. And that might be the perfect spot for the company, where they can release stronger, better tech than at the beginning of a generation.

We shall see—Nintendo may well address the rumors, since it’s debunked other Nintendo NX rumors before. For now, bear in mind that sometimes a rumor is just a rumor.

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