by Giuseppe Nelva

On Thursday Ubisoft teased the reveal of a new Assassin’s Creed game, and a new teaser picture that can be grabbed from the background code of the North American Assassin’s Creed website includes some interesting details:

First of all, a set of brass knuckles, that could be one of the weapons included in the game. Carved on the handle we can see the motto “strength through loyalty,” which is a translation of the popular latin phrase “fortius quo fidelius.”

The picture basically conforms the rumored British setting, as we can see from the “God save the Queen” motto. In addition to that, we also see the mention of “rooks,” which are crow-like birds prominently found in Great Britain, Ireland and Northern Europe.

Finally, we read “We forge the chains we wear in life,” which is a quote from “The Cricket On The Hearth” by Charles Dickens. The reference to the book also points to a Victorian setting, as it was published in 1845, eighteen years into the reign of Queen Victoria.

What this all means will probably be revealed on May 12th, but I can’t say my curiosity isn’t piqued.

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