by Rashid Sayed

Xbox One boss, Phil Spencer has once again taken to to his Twitter account to reveal and tease some interesting information regarding their strategies and development for games on the Xbox One. When asked whether a Gears of War collection or a remastered version is in the works for the Xbox One, Spencer teased that he ‘will have more to say coming up’ and he ‘can’t talk more about the plans yet.’

This is rather interesting since Rod Fergusson from Black Tusk Studios, the team that is working on the new Gears of War for the Xbox One, outright denied that such a remaster is in development for the Xbox One. He also assured that the Phantom Dust reboot has not been canceled and that they are adding new features in the game. “Game dev isn’t that cut and dry. Things will be used, new stuff will be created, it will be a mix,” he stated on Twitter.

He also teased there might be more than one major announcement for the Xbox One in the future. “I hope we have more than just one but you have strong minds so we’ll have to see how we do”, he teased when asked by a fan on how they plan to blow everyone’s mind off. He also further stated that developing first party games is critical for the Xbox One so a game like Sunet Overdrive is great to have on the console.

He also clarified that Microsoft are not lying about the advantages of DirectX 12 on the Xbox One and it will provide speed improvements over DX11 but ultimately it depends on how developers update their code. If this is the case, then Microsoft should probably share some benchmark results soon for the Xbox One.

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