by ‘Gareth’

With The Order:1886 being released to mixed to negative reviews, PS4 fans now turn their attention to the next big system exclusive, Bloodborne. The game combines dark and Gothic gameplay with a hack and slash combat system in a richly detailed environment that players can explore as they battle all manner of supernatural creatures and epic Boss monsters. I loved my time with the game at PAX Prime and although it was a challenge, I found it and Until Dawn to be my favorite PS4 games at the show. The fluid motion and brutal close range combat was a real thrill and the ability to sneak in a weapons blast in the midst of the ballet of blades showed just how much bloody fun this game could be.

I also enjoyed climbing ladders, exploring the streets and seeing the detailed city in which the game level was set. It has also been revealed that the game will have dungeon levels that change as you go and will also allow co-op play which will likely make many fans very happy. The Order: 1886 had to endure harsh criticism pre release over perceptions about limited mobility and gameplay freedom, short running time, and a lack of multiplayer. One person compared it to a collection of great collection of movies wrapped around a very short and limited cover based shooter. I am reserving my final verdict on The Order: 1886 until I get more time with the game but I can honestly say I am less then encouraged by all the less than positive reviews for the game to date. Bloodborne on the other hand has basked in a wave of cautious optimism and excitement with hardly any overt concerns being voiced by the gaming masses.

Gamers who found disappointment with The Order: 1886 are likely going to either embrace or be cautious about the latest PS4 exclusive but I do not detect nearly as much trepidation about Bloodborne and fans are eager to let the hardware of their PS4 loose on a game which they believe will showcase the power and versatility of the system. With that being said, and despite which are likely strong sales for The Order: 1886 based on pre-orders, Sony can use a hit game with strong critical approval going into E3 in June as the last thing they need is for their two big 2015 AAA exclusives to be met with bad reviews and worse, discord and disappointment from their fan base as they attempt to build even more momentum from their E3 showcase where all manner of new games will come. Until Dawn and the latest Uncharted game are still looming, but for fans, all eyes have turned towards Bloodborne and the hopes that it will deliver upon its promise.

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