by Nicholas Holden

On Saturday, we reported that a popular YouTube streamer was raided by police in front of 60,000 viewers, as a result of a false police report claim, or “Swatting.” The ‘SWATer’ is yet to found, but in an unrelated case a Nevada gamer has been arrested, as he has been accused of orchestrating a “SWATting” attack on a video gamer over the summer.

Brandon Wilson, 19, known by some as “Famed God,” was arrested last week Thursday, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Wilson falsely reported a murder to Naperville police in July 2014, resulting in armed law enforcement arriving at a victim’s address.

Brandon Wilson, 19, aka “Famed God”

Prosecutors working on the case stated that Wilson also threatened an attack on the victim’s banking and Social Security accounts. He told the victim that  he would put the victim’s father “in debt for life.” The threats will form as additional charges, of which Wilson can expect up to five years in prison.

Investigators found evidence of Wilson’s involvement in the SWAT attack as well as other similar incidents. He charges include; two counts of computer tampering and one count of intimidation, computer fraud, identity theft and disorderly conduct. The are said to be up to three other states currently after him who may proffer additional charges.

Most “swatting” related incidents come from gamers. The success of streaming platforms such as Twitch, which provide a live screening of victims being ‘Swatted’ could be the reason, as it provides the perpetrator with an audience. That being said, it looks like we are slowly but surely seeing these pranksters being punished for their actions. As a result, we may see swatting reduced over the next few years when more of these internet thugs land themselves behind bars.

Do you think Wilson’s five year jail sentence is too harsh? Remember Justin Carter, the teen jailed in 2013 over the League of Legends disagreement? His case is still under investigation. Carter spend a lot of time in jail and is still under house arrest, over a comment.

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