by Giuseppe Nelva

Microsoft has already quite a few games announced for 2015, but Microsoft Game Studios Partner Creative Director Ken Lobb mentioned during an interview on The Inner Circle Podcast that there’s more on the menu.

Lobb explained that, as part of the “Phil philosophy” and the way Microsoft Game Studios work, they don’t target a specific month for any game. They want the big games in the holidays but they don’t avoid the spring. They have Ori and the Blind Forest “which is fenomenal” coming soon, and ScreamRide “which is kind of insane insanity,” but there’s more that we don’t know about yet:

“We’ve got a couple other things that are coming out before the fall that haven’t been announced yet.”

He continued by saying that even if he won’t make official announcements, there are a couple of other games before the big titles coming in the fall that people will be excited about and that will surprise gamers when they hear what those are.

Then there are also games that planned for spring 2016 already, and things for the fall that may or may not be finish in time. As those get moved around Microsoft will decide if those will be added to the spring line-up, and if two things move into each other something has to be shifted.

Lobb concluded by saying that there are a lot of great games coming next year across all platforms, including Sony and Nintendo, and it’s a great time to be a gamer.

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