by Ron Duwell

We’ve been so distracted by Dragon Age: Inquisition and any incoming news of the new Mass Effect that it would be hard to blame anyone for forgetting about BioWare’s other RPG in the works, Shadow Realms. Only a little bit of information has been made available since San Diego Comic Con 2014, but insiders are claiming that all information now is dated because the game has received a major overhaul.

For those who don’t remember, Shadow Realms is BioWare’s answer to the drop in and play co-op RPG genre, and it combines both elements of fantasy and science fiction. Four players must work together to take down a fifth player acting as the dungeon master, similar to Microsoft’s incoming Fable Legends.

Originally, the game was planned to be released with episodic content through a free-to-play payment model, but sources at Kotaku are claiming that EA and BioWare have been changing the game since October. Rather than the slow release of content, the two companies have decided to repackage the game as a premium product with all of the content available at once.

Kotaku claims, “Two industry sources say they heard Shadow Realms was cancelled, but a third, reliable source familiar with goings-on at BioWare Austin says the game was overhauled in late October and will now have a full campaign.”

Originally, Shadow Realms was scheduled for a release in 2015, but we’ll have to wait for more updated information in light of the developments the source claims has happened.

Source: Kotaku

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