by Ollie Barder

Following the previous story focused trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Xenoverse, we now have a nice look at the how the gameplay will work.

As we only saw small snippets of the game in action, it’s nice to see just how fluid the game is going to be.

While it doesn’t show much of the flying, it does show how the combat builds up as well as the overall pacing. There are also small indications of potential environmental destruction too.

In previous games you could blast enemies through mountains and see them shatter, which was quite a satisfying sight. It’s not clear whether this kind of wanton destruction will be present in Xenoverse but I am cautiously optimistic that it will (especially as Dimps also worked on the previous games too).

Signature attacks, like the Kamehameha (seen above), are also shown and look pretty great. It’s also nice to see rapid movement being employed too, as this allows players to effectively teleport short distances and “appear” on the opposite side of their opponent. As you’d expect, that’s a handy technique to have in a brawling game such as this.

The fighting camera is also nicely cinematic, which is interesting. Normally this kind of approach tends to produce rather unwieldy games, especially for arena brawlers, but it looks like it could be alright in this instance. Obviously the signature attacks get more of an fixed camera treatment but those are the pay off, so less of a potential problem.

The game will be released first in Japan on February 5th and then a few weeks later in Europe and then the US.

I will be definitely picking this up on launch and give it a good going over.

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