by Eddie Makuch

The PC version of this year’s multiplayer shooter Titanfall is currently available only through EA’s Origin digital distribution hub, not Valve’s 100-million user platform Steam. Now, developer Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella has spoken out to say that while the first Titanfall is unlikely to ever come to Steam, the game’s follow-up could.

“At some point you look at it and you say is it even worth now this much later the effort to put it on Steam, when it would be a lot of work and kind of bifurcate the community?” Zampella told Game Informer when asked if the first Titanfall might come to PC.

“We would have loved for it to be on Steam from day one, but at some point it just doesn’t make sense anymore and you start looking to the future and I think we should not make that same decision again [emphasis added],” he explained.

Titanfall was published by EA, which is likely the reason the PC version was exclusive to Origin. Going forward, however, it appears Respawn’s exclusivity arrangement with EA has been loosened. In addition to the possibility that Titanfall 2 could come to Steam, Zampella has also suggested that the sequel may come to PlayStation systems for its console release.
The original Titanfall was exclusive to PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. It is unclear how well Titanfall has sold, but Zampella says the game has seen 8 million unique players to date. We also know that Titanfall is the best-selling new IP for Xbox One to date.

In addition to a Titanfall sequel, it was recently revealed that Respawn has formed a second team internally to work on a non-Titanfall project, possibly led by former God of War veteran Stig Asmussen. He joined Respawn over the summer as a game director for an unannounced project.

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