by Eddie Makuch

Following last week’s news that the Xbox One had outsold the PlayStation 4 in the US and UK for November 2014, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has spoken out to say “we’re just getting started.”

Greenberg’s official title is Senior Director of the Studios Marketing Group for all first- and third-party Xbox games, a position he took on in June after nearly three years in the role of chief of staff.

November 2014 was the first month since the Xbox One and PS4 launched in November 2013 that Microsoft’s console came out on top in the United States, according to NPD Group data.

Xbox One software sales were also strong in November. During the period, more Xbox One games were sold in the US than PS4 or Wii U. November 2014 was also Xbox Live’s biggest month in history, with more fans logged into the service across Xbox One and Xbox 360 than ever before.

What gives Microsoft confidence it can keep its Xbox One sales momentum going? For one thing, the company says it has so many holiday 2015 games in the works that it may need to delay some to make room. Do you think Microsoft can extend its winning streak? Let us know in the comments below!

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