Xbox owners left in the cold as word of Capcom’s brawler gets out early.


by Kyle Orland

The venerable Street Fighter franchise will continue, but not on Xbox consoles, apparently. That’s according to a short teaser trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter V, which briefly popped up on Capcom’s YouTube channel this morning before being reset to private (archived version here). Screengrabs from that trailer note the game is “exclusive on PS4 & PC.”

The short teaser takes a brief look through Street Fighter history, and the series’ fans, with a soaring voice-over narrative about growing through battle. The trailer has no mention of a release window or details on whether the release is a timed exclusive or a more permanent arrangement between Capcom and Sony. There’s also no mention of an arcade release, surprising considering the series’ roots and Street Fighter IV’s success in Japanese arcades.

The leak comes ahead of tonight’s presentation of The Game Awards, which has promised a number of exclusive game reveals, and this weekend’s Sony PlayStation Experience fan event, both in Las Vegas. It also follows the surprise August announcement that Square Enix’s 2015 Tomb Raider title would be a timed exclusive on the Xbox One. Third-party console exclusives have gotten rarer over the years, but seem to be seeing a slight uptick as some Japanese publishers focus certain franchises on single consoles in this generation (see also: Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U)

Assuming a 2015 release, the roughly seven-year gap between the original Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5 is slightly longer than the six-year gap between SF2 and SF3, but shorter than the 11-year gap between SF3 and SF4. The series’ latest expansion, Ultra Street Fighter IV, hit arcades, consoles, and the PC earlier this year.

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