by Rob Crossley

Sony’s troubles with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network have worsened further as users begin to report of console crashes and glitches following the “Masamune 2.0” system update.

One of the most widely reported issues in the aftermath of the 2.0 update is a bug which prevents the console powering back on after it enters “Rest Mode” (the new name for Standby Mode).

A growing number of complaints have been issued to Sony via the official PlayStation community forums, which Sony has acknowledged, adding that it is looking into the problems. As a temporary counter-measure, Sony suggests users boot in safe mode if they are having problems.

Another bug some users are reporting is with YouTube functionality, with reports of the service not responding during video uploads.

Both issues come amid intermittent PSN downtimes as the 2.0 update stresses Sony’s servers, and in the wake of a three-week disaster launch for the online racer Driveclub. Meanwhile, the PlayStation Plus version of Friveclub has been put “on hold”.

On Wednesday, Sony told GameSpot: “We are aware of issues reported by some PS4 users following the release of PS4’s latest system software update, v2.00. We are investigating these issues and will provide an update as soon as we have more information.”

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