by Giuseppe Nelva

We’re still learning a few caveats about the rather innovative Share Play feature coming on the 28th with the “Masamune” 2.0 software update for the PS4, and there’s a rather interesting one, mentioned by PR Manager Andrew Kelly in the comments of yesterday’s PlayStation Blog post.

“Trophies gained during Share Play will be reflected on the host’s account, not the visitor’s.”

While this means that a guest won’t be able to earn trophies without owning a game, which is pretty understandable, it also means that he will be able to literally help out the host earn trophies he might be having trouble with.

There’s also another interesting fact. The limit to one hour to the share play session got people suspicious on whether there could be some kind of wall in order to push the guest to actually play the game after a while. Luckily this isn’t the case.

Kelly clarified that the 60 minutes limit is in place regardless of whether the guess has the game or not (even if both players own it, the session will still end in one hour), he also mentioned that there’s no limit to the number of sessions you can initiate with the same person. This means that the 60 minutes limit is virtually not existent, given that you can start a new session right after.

So why implementing the 60 minutes limit to begin with? This hasn’t been explained, but my guess would be so that people don’t just idle for hours keeping the servers clogged.

That said, I’m personally not so sure if I appreciate the fact that people will just be able to have someone else earn trophies for them. I guess it was already possible by having someone else sit at your console, but this makes it even easier.

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