by ‘Chris’

Black Tusk Studios, the developers who have been tasked with carrying on the Gears of War series, are currently working on a new title for the Xbox One, though there’s also a chance that there’s an Xbox 360 version in development too.

A job posting on the official website for the company gives the most subtle hint that the next Gears of War game will be a cross-gen release.

The job posting states that “experience working on the Gears of War franchise” would be a significant advantage and that “PS3 or Xbox 360 development experience” is a requirement for the role being advertised.

Another thing worth noting is that none of the job adverts actually mention any specific console or next-gen for that matter. It’s entirely possible that the new Gears of War game will be a cross-gen release as it would generate more sales for Microsoft, something the company was smart to realise with Forza Horizon 2 which also saw a cross-gen release.

An email has been sent to Black Tusk but we’re not holding our breath for any meaningful reply. If we actually get given any information worth writing about, I’ll eat my hat. I’ll have to buy one first, but non-the-less, I’ll eat it.

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