by Eddie Makuch

Respawn Entertainment has announced that Titanfall’s third DLC expansion, IMC Rising, will launch for Xbox 360 on October 21. The DLC was released for Xbox One and PC in September.

IMC Rising, which was announced at Gamescom in August, features three maps–Backwater, Zone 18, and Sandtrap. It follows previously released expansions Frontier’s Edge and Expedition. IMC Rising is the third expansion included with the $25 Titanfall DLC pass.

Gamers who don’t own the pass can buy IMC Rising (or the other two expansions) for $10 each. However, if you know for sure you want all three, the season pass will save you $5.

In addition to paid expansions, Respawn continues to support Titanfall with free stability/general improvement updates, while all non-map updates are also free.

Now that all scheduled Titanfall DLC has been released, the studio is likely moving its resources onto other projects, such as Titanfall 2, which was greenlit back in March, according to our sources. The game has not been officially announced, though publisher Electronic Arts confirmed in May that Respawn is indeed working on more “Titanfall experiences.”

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