by Eddie Makuch

Phil Spencer, who makes the decisions about what games will come to Xbox platforms, recently retweeted a tweet about a “Marcus Fenix Collection” Xbox One bundle that would hypothetically include remastered versions of Gears of War 1-3. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a sign that such a bundle is in the works.

Spencer now says it was a “mistake” to retweet the message. That doesn’t mean he’s not excited about the future of Gears of War, however. “Love the passion for Gears, but no announce,” he said.

Though a Marcus Phoenix Collection doesn’t appear to be in the cards, Microsoft is planning to release a comprehensive bundle for one of its other major franchises–Halo–next month in the form of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It includes remastered versions of Halo 1-4, among other special perks.


If you’re looking to pick up all three Epic Games-developed Gears of War titles in one bundle, you can buy the Gears of War Triple Pack, which was released for Xbox 360 in 2011.

Microsoft acquired the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games earlier this year for an undisclosed sum. Black Tusk Studios, which is owned by Microsoft, is now working on a new Gears of War game for Xbox One. This game is in the very early stages of development, and all we’ve seen so far from it is a blurry piece of concept art.

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