by Ben Gilbert

Apparently Halo‘s top-down mobile version was successful enough to warrant a second go, as Microsoft’s planning a December launch for Halo: Spartan Strike. But what is Halo: Spartan Strike? It’s a direct sequel to last year’s Spartan Assault, and it features an unnamed Master Chief-esque super soldier shooting, driving and grenading his way through a variety of Halo-flavored worlds. To be totally clear: it’s a twin-stick, top-down shooter made by the same folks who made last year’s mobile Halo (Vanguard). You’ll see New Mombasa! You’ll see a Halo-based area! You’ll see…some jungle! Sadly, we can’t actually show you any of that, as Microsoft’s worked out some form of exclusivity with another outlet. We even played a bit of it, but we can’t actually tell you how that went because of the aforementioned exclusive. Pretty dumb, right?

What we can tell you is that Halo: Spartan Strike will cost $6 when it arrives on Windows 8 devices (from Surface to phones to PC) and Steam this December 14th. The marketing gentleman from Microsoft said the game will remain exclusive to Windows 8 and PC — unlike the previous game, which ended up on consoles as well — but we don’t believe him. You probably shouldn’t either.


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