by Giuseppe Nelva

2015 will be the second full year of life of the new generation of consoles, and according to industry insider shinobi602, who is normally well informed and reliable in what his sources share with him, mentioned that Microsoft has big plans for the holiday season.

“Hmm, Microsoft’s going in hard next holiday season. Known things and some unknown things…”

Shinobi also elaborated further, mentioning that he’s talking about more than Halo 5: Guardians and Tomb Raider and we’re looking mostly at titles developed in-house. His sources did not bring up Crackdown as a 2015 game, but he explained that Quantum Break is targeting a September release date.

After a while, he also mentioned that Sony has some hard hitters in the pipeline as well, and there are “All kinds of good things for XB1 and PS4 owners” coming.

Of course, as it’s usual with this kind of information coming from insiders, it should be taken with a grain of salt despite Shinobi’s usual reliability (for instance he described Guerrilla Games’ new RPG’s leaked key artwork to a T months before it actually surfaced).

One thing is for sure: the battle for console supremacy next year is going to be even more heated than the one we’re seeing in 2014.

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